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Camera Repairs

Is your camera broken, or needs a service… no problem, we do sensor cleaning in store, and for the more technical stuff we send it to an accredited repair shop. We repair Nikon, Pentax, Fuji, Canon, Sigma, Tamron and Olympus. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any information, and please read our terms & conditions regarding Returns & Repairs.

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Film Development

Develop all your old 35mm films and have printed memories of days gone past. Also chemically developed on Fujifilm’s Crystal Archive and Supreme HD paper ensuring a sealed and waterproof photo that will last you a lifetime. Or if you wish we can also scan all your favorite film negatives and slides to a digital format. Contact us for a quotation or info.

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Graphic Design

We do photo enhancements and layout work on request, for print on our top quality photographs or large format posters. We also do corporate designing of logos, posters and business cards that gets outsourced for commercial printing. Let one of our top class designers help you bring your creations to life.



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